Why I Will Root For LeBron In Cleveland

Four years ago when LeBron James made “The Decision,” I was still a sports writer. I actually did not get to watch the broadcast live, as I was covering a Minnesota Lynx game that evening, but, of course, I was keeping up with Twitter to know what decision he made immediately. During my time covering…


Minnesota Lynx Make Transitioning to Fandom Easy

It is nearing two months now since I made the decision to quit sports writing and I’ll admit I was nervous how the transition would go. Of course, I was and am excited at the opportunity to more quality time with my children—and we had a wonderful summer—but there was also the part of me…

Tim Allen

Tim Allen: The Loss of a Friend

Throughout my time covering both the NBA and WNBA, the aspect that meant the most to me was the community out there of fans of the Timberwolves and Lynx. Without question, this community was essentially led by Tim Allen and I am deeply saddened to hear the recent news.