Doin’ Good Feels Good

In the spirit of Give to the Max Day in Minnesota today, I had the opportunity to volunteer at Second Harvest Heartland with Ang Tuesday night and it was a wonderful experience.

It’s The Little Things

Tuesday evening, the kids and I had a pretty mellow night. After dinner, we checked out the new basketball court and tennis court at our apartment complex—which is amazing—and we spent the rest of the evening not doing much of anything. So, why is this worthy of a blog post?

The Universe Gives What We Need

Last Friday was my birthday and I was feeling pretty down. Plans were broken, Minnesota was rocked with severe thunderstorms and, other than dinner with my family, I did absolutely nothing. On top of my sadness due to all of those things, I was also facing a weekend without my kids.

Play in the Rain

This morning was a morning like many of you have on a regular basis. I looked out the window to see a sunless, gloomy day outside and I immediately thought to myself, “Great, just great.” Those of us in Minnesota are STARVING for the sun. After a long winter, this “spring” with very few appearances…

The adjustment begins

It has been a very surprising and humbling few days. After my announcement earlier this week of my “retirement” from the sports writing world, I was bombarded with words of surprise, sadness and well-wishes for my future from friends and fans on both Facebook and Twitter. Each and every one of the messages I received…

A beginning and an end.

For roughly the last year, there has been something stirring in me. Call it an early start to a midlife crisis, call it insanity or call it someone looking for a  higher meaning to their life, but whatever it is, it is the truth. As the weeks and months have passed since this began, the…