Life’s Reboot Begins

The year 2016 is going to be a year of starting over for me…and I am both ridiculously excited and absolutely terrified at the same time.


As I write this, Ethan and Alex are sleeping soundly and contently while I sit on the floor in a furniture-less living room, propped up with my pillows behind my back against the wall. I mean, THAT is how much of a reboot life is taking right now.

Yet, as I think back over the past few weeks, I am comforted by the fact that both Christmas 2015 and New Year’s 2015 will easily go down in my memory bank as the best to date, almost impossible to top.

The reason why both were so amazing?

Because they were pure, simple and full of love between my two wonderful children and myself.

I mean, we don’t even own a TV right now, so there has been so much family time without distraction. Good ol’ fashioned family time, such as talking, playing board games, swimming in the indoor pool, enjoying the hot tub, cooking meals together and, of course, unforgettable Dad-gets-down-on-the-floor-and-plays-toys-with-us time.

It’s going back to basics and all three of us love it.

Now that the holiday break is over and life gets busy again, the challenge will be to figure out how not to slip back into normality and build on the momentum to make 2016 turn from “The Year of Starting Over” to “The Year Our Family Became Closer and Happier Than Ever.”



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