After A Yearlong Break, I’m Back.

It dawned on me over the holiday season, I had not written a blog post since Dec. 10, 2014. That is now over a year…and is unacceptable.

Part of the reason I began writing a long time ago was to work through my own “stuff” and also to remember the small details of life which become the most treasured moments. Yet, after a few blog posts went up, I found a nice community of readers who, when giving their feedback or thoughts on the topic of the day, helped me just as much as my writing may have helped them.
I want to return to that place of having a community…and I’m sorry for abandoning you. It’s time to turn this ship around.

Although I’m aware FB pages such as these only reach a certain amount of people, I’m hoping each of you who received an invite will help me.

Be my accountability partners…share the page with your friends and help spread the word, get on my case if you don’t see blog posts coming, post inspirational or goofy things to this page and let’s re-start our journey.

Sound good to you?

It sounds like 2016 is going to be an amazing year with all of you. I look forward to it.


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