How I Met Your Mother Finale: Immediate Thoughts

***Warning…there are spoilers in this post. If you do not want to know before seeing the show yourself, stop reading now.***

How I Met Your Mother is now a show to watch in syndication, as tonight gave us the final episode of the nine-year run of the show. From the beginning, I loved the show, wanting to follow along with Ted’s journey. Throughout the run, it was very easy to fall in love with all of the characters, easily wishing to be in the bar with them.

And now they are gone, only memories. As is the case in all of life, some memories are happy, some are soul-crushing, but they are all memories that will be cherished by many.

However, that doesn’t mean everyone enjoyed the finale. In fact, many did not. Head out to Twitter and check out the #HIMYMfinale hashtag. Most people are not happy or kind with their words, as is their right due to their personal investment in the show.

As seems to be the case quite often, I disagree with the masses and absolutely loved the finale, believing it to be near perfection.

It was heartbreaking to see Robin break away and lose touch with the group, but can you really blame her? Her comments to Lily were dead-on when she summarized the group as a married couple about to have their third child, her ex-husband and the man she probably should have ended up with.

It would be difficult for anyone to stay in that situation and Robin was adult enough to recognize it and move on to find her bliss. Whether or not she found her happiness through success and notoriety from her work wasn’t even a question in my mind…because she hadn’t. It was killing her to be away from those she loves, but did what she felt was best for her soul.

Ted, on the other hand, found the mother and we were all so happy for him. After years on this journey with him, it was very fulfilling to see him achieve what was, well, the title of the show. It was clear they were supposed to be together and they found each other exactly when they were supposed to find each other. They both immediately knew they had found what they had been looking for and exactly what they needed at that time.

Tracy was an integral part to the story and to Ted’s life, obviously. She is the mother of his children and there is NEVER a doubt that Ted loved her. Had she not gotten sick and passed away, Ted would have led an absolutely wonderful and loving life with her until they day he died. He would have had the life he always wanted, a life envied by many.

However, as we all know, life throws major curveballs from time-to-time and Tracy was gone. In the end, as his children are giving him permission to call Aunt Robin, we learn it has been six years since Tracy’s passing and, if we know Ted at all, those six years must have been absolutely horrible. Just a torture to his soul. While some on Twitter believed Ted sat his children down to tell the story of how he met their mother in an attempt to get them to give him permission to ask out Robin, I disagree. That is a Barney move, not a Ted move. We have learned over and over again throughout the show of how good Ted is and it is a stretch to believe he flipped in his later years.

Maybe my views fall in line close to what the writers of the show wanted, which is why I thoroughly enjoyed the finale so much. While many wanted a “fairytale ending” with Ted and Tracy living happily ever after—an ending I would have been fine with as well—I also believe Ted and Robin ending up together was, in fact, a different kind of fairytale ending.

To me, the writers are saying there are many different outcomes in this world, no matter how noble or disgusting our motives may be.

When someone follows an immoral path, such as Barney, they can be vindicated at any time, but it takes that special moment for the person to learn what they needed to learn. For Barney, it was the birth of his daughter. Barney HAD to have a daughter, didn’t he? It only seems right.

When someone follows a righteous path like Ted, always trying to do the right thing in all situations, it can be easy to be taken advantage of or burned in life numerous times. We saw this happen to Ted countless times throughout the run and, while it would have made for a much different show, Ted could have easily fallen into depression or insanity quite easily. Certainly, it would have broken viewer hearts to see Ted actually give up on his quest and on life, but he never did. He kept plugging away, despite all the bad things that came his way, whether self-imposed or not.

If you want to debate something about the finale, here’s another thing to consider. Are the writers making a statement as far as each person only has one person out there for them…or are there an unknown number? Maybe for Ted it was two…maybe for Lily and Marshall it was one…maybe for Barney it was 200+. By never actually seeing Robin and Ted together at the end, leaving the show open-ended as they did, maybe we are left to expect that neither Ted nor Robin learned from the mistakes of the past and they will go down the same road they always did and, therefore, never did belong together.

Maybe they did live happily ever after for their remaining years.

Maybe Ted realizes how heartbroken he still is over the death of his wife and is never able to pursue anything with Robin once at her place.

It is possible for the mother of your children and the love of your life—that one person you are supposed to be with—to be two different people. I will always have love and respect for the mother of my children, but she is not the love of my life. She was and always will be one of the most important people in my life because she gave me the gift of my children, but for those who believe in it, she is not “the one.” They are, in fact, two completely separate people.

That’s why the show touched so close to home with me. I loved it because all of these questions immediately came to mind and I believe the writers were brilliant in their execution. They gave us real life…we laughed, we cried, we faced death, we made mistakes, we forgave, we learned…and we still don’t know how it all ends. They wrote an open ending and it comes to a close however the viewer wants it to end.

Well, except for those who wanted Ted to live his life with Tracy.

That’s why the finale was brilliant…they made it real. We don’t always get what we want—or think we want—in life. Not all relationships go in a linear fashion. Sometimes they start and stop frequently, sometimes you continue to hurt and be hurt by the same person and sometimes you just can’t let them out of your heart.

That doesn’t mean we can’t find happiness.

After all, the name of the show is How I Met Your Mother. It wasn’t How I Met the Love of My Life.


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