Sometimes Things Just Work Out

Sometimes things just work out for you perfectly.

Saturday was one of those times for me.

In the afternoon, I took Ang for a day date to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. It’s not often we are able to spend time with each other without children, so we carved out time for just the two of us to take in some art. We had a lovely time and, when looking for little things which make you happy, it’s easy to spot them.

We got rock star parking at the museum and we both made note of that fact immediately. It’s as if we were meant to be there, spending time together, just taking our time taking in the sights without any sort of time crunch.

Throughout the week leading up to Saturday, I had been trying to plan our time together and, at the same time, Ang had been attempting something sweet for me as well. Saturday night, John Mayer and Phillip Phillips were in town to perform a concert at the Target Center and I am a huge fan of both. Ang tried desperately to win tickets to the concert from a radio station. However, as you might guess, the odds were against her and she was not able to lock up the tickets, despite her well-intentioned, wonderful efforts.

After our lovely time at the museum, we returned home to spend time with the family and after the kids were off to bed, we planned on a Netflix movie evening with tons of greasy, wonderful popcorn.

…and then plans changed in an instant.

As we settled in back at home, I made my Facebook rounds on my phone and a friend’s post immediately jumped out at me. My friend Kate of Girl Meets Geek posted she had two tickets to the John Mayer/Phillip Phillips concert…and was giving them away for free. While I would have lived had we not been able to attend the concert, I mentioned the post to Ang. Almost before the words were out of my mouth, Ang said, “Yes, let’s go!”

I immediately jumped on the phone to Kate and the tickets were still available. In a flurry of activity, Ang and I got ready to go to the show and Ang deserves A TON of credit for how quickly she was ready to go. I mean, I don’t have hair to do after all, so it doesn’t take me long.

As proof we were supposed to go to the show, Ang’s teenage son Hudson volunteered rather quickly to watch his young sister Izzie in order for us to attend. Certainly, it would be understandable if he did not want to do so, but without effort he stepped up to help out…and I truly appreciate him for doing so.

In a flash, we were out the door and headed downtown to meet Kate to get the tickets. As I jumped out of the car to meet her, Ang circled the block. Not only did Kate give us the tickets, she also gave me an autographed picture from Phillip Phillips that she was able to acquire earlier in the day. I stepped back outside, hopped back in the car, we parked and made our way into the Target Center.

Now, while I’m trying to improve in this area, I am someone who needs a plan and it is difficult to deviate. Ever since stumbling across Kate’s post, my internal schedule was thrown off, but I was able to acknowledge all the events happening to ease my self-imposed stress. Outside of the examples I’ve already given, how fortunate was it the concert was at the Target Center of all venues in Minneapolis? I’m not great in new environments the first few times, so how lucky the show was in a building I’ve spent countless hours in during my former sports writing life.

In addition, while I have made great strides in this area, I’m still not a huge fan of crowds. As Ang and I found our seats, it once again worked out perfectly as we were in the two seats closest to an aisle and only down two rows from the main level of the arena. My neurotic brain immediately thinks we have our easy escape route should I need a moment to breathe, but I never did.

For me, the seats were perfect, we were back far enough to be able to just sit and enjoy the show, but still close enough to see clearly. I mean, I was significantly closer to the stage with these free tickets than I was with the $75 tickets I bought the first time I saw John Mayer perform. Pretty hard to complain.

We missed a couple of Phillip Phillips first few songs, but saw a good portion of his set. This was the first time seeing him live for both Ang and myself and he put on a great show. John Mayer was ridiculously good and, in comparison to the first time I saw him live, I really enjoyed the vibe of this show. Ang, who had never seen him live before Saturday could not get over how amazing his guitar playing skills are, which are quite simply the best I’ve ever seen live.

I mean, the man played one song with an acoustic guitar strapped to the front of his body and had his electric guitar behind his back, alternating between the two during the same song. You can see video of this craziness here.

The show was a blast, we made our way home to relieve Hudson of his babysitting duties and everything had gone smoothly. The house was still standing and Izzie was quite happy to have time with her big brother, not minding Ang and I had changed plans on her suddenly.

Want more proof things work out nicely sometimes? We were home before 11:00, meaning we still had time for a movie and Ang’s delicious popcorn.

A day like that just makes you smile for days. Beautiful artwork, amazing music and the only company I would want for all of it. Ang and I were supposed to have this day together, despite the entire day not falling in line according to the plan in my head.

It was a day that was infinitely better than planned.


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