Doin’ Good Feels Good

In the spirit of Give to the Max Day in Minnesota today, I had the opportunity to volunteer at Second Harvest Heartland with Ang Tuesday night and it was a wonderful experience. We were brought there as a part of a fun function here in Minneapolis called Break the Bubble, which we both look forward to further events with great anticipation.

If you are one of my readers from Minneapolis, be sure to check out Break the Bubble. Ang and I were able to have some discussions with those who put the events together and there are some really fun ones planned after the first of the year.

Also, please look into helping Second Harvest Heartland with donations and/or your time volunteering.

While I’ve meant for quite a while to volunteer my time at places such as Second Harvest or Feed My Starving Children, I, unfortunately had never done so before Tuesday and I am so very glad I finally was able to do so.

After a brief introductory video, which you can see here, Ang and I were brought into the factory, along with the rest of the group of people from Break the Bubble. After washing our hands, we found our gloves and hair nets. Much to Ang’s delight at my expense, despite my bald head I had to adhere to the hair net policy and, to make it even more humorous, I also had to wear a net over my beard.

Ang looked incredibly cute…and I looked like I was ready for surgery.










Our job for the evening was to put rice into sacks, seal the bag and box them up. As the group of volunteers settled into each role we were going to do, we found ourselves at the packing boxes stage of the process. I settled into grabbing the bags of rice from those who sealed them and bringing them over to those who put those bags into the boxes and taped them up.

Immediately, Ang was rockin’ and rollin’ packing up the boxes, as they were to put 24 bags of rice in each box. After the box was full, they taped them up and pushed them down the conveyer belt. After being told there was no way to push the boxes to hard down the line, Ang took great pleasure in seeing how far she could get the boxes to go down the line.

In the meantime, I was running around like mad, trying to keep up with those who were sealing the bags, preparing them to be boxed up. If I stopped for what seemed like 30 seconds, there would be tons of bags just sitting there waiting for me and those packing the boxes were on a roll, constantly needing me to keep up with their pace.

I definitely got a much needed workout!

We worked a two-hour shift and after about an hour of running around like mad, a few of the volunteers switched jobs. They asked if I would like to slow down a bit and I did, although I knew it was for a good cause. For the final hour, my job was to be one of the first people in the process, standing around the biggest bag of rice I’ve ever seen, scooping up the rice and putting it into the bags. This change of pace was very much appreciated.

When the shift was over and we cleaned up, Ang and I reconnected since we went separate ways after the first hour. We shared our experiences there and, essentially at the same time, suggested we should bring all of the kids to take part in this fantastic opportunity to do some good in the world.

I strongly recommend those of you in the Minneapolis area look into doing the same for Second Harvest Heartland and if you’re not in the Cities, please find something similar.

Volunteer. Do good for your fellow man. I can’t stress enough how the work was broken down into incredibly easy tasks and how important all of those small tasks equal up to a huge difference for a great amount of people.

Let me put it this way: in only two hours, the crew from Break the Bubble packed 2,784 pounds of food for those who desperately need it. I am incredibly proud of the work done in only two hours and it’s only the first time of many.

This was a great experience and I can’t wait to go back. Ang and I have already discussed other options for volunteering and I hope you all will do the same.


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