Being A Guest Reiterates My Path

I’m a bit behind on this.

Last week, I had the great honor of being the guest on the Life of Dad After Show podcast. You can listen to it by clicking on the Life of Dad pic below…and, please, do give it a listen.

Earlier in the week, the fellas over at Life of Dad asked me to be their guest and I accepted, but I was nervous. While I’ve been a guest on podcasts, television and radio before and, therefore, know roughly what to expect, this was a different nervousness.

This was the first time I was really supposed to be, well, ME as the guest.

When I’ve done media before, it was always due to my “former life” of sports writing and I was a representative of the media outlets I wrote for during that time.

But, this time? I was supposed to be me and we were going to discuss my “new life.” While I am settling into the new ways, new mindsets and choices, this was the first time I was discussing it in public…with my own voice instead of here on the blog…on the internet…where it can be heard forever.

Not only that, but there really was no way to prepare for the podcast because we were talking about, you know…me.

As the time came Thursday to make the phone call and record the podcast, I realized more personal growth in myself. Normally, the nerves would continue to get worse and worse until finally “suffering” through whatever caused the nerves in the first place. However, I found myself relaxing as the time came, understanding myself and the overall message I wanted to share.

Before I knew it, the podcast was over and recording the podcast was over. I had such a good time just chatting with the fine fellas that I didn’t even really remember most of what I said until the next day when the podcast was posted. I had to listen for myself and was quite proud.

I conveyed my message. I opened up and shared and, most important to me, I “turned the tables” on the guys. While that was not intentional, I was and am absolutely floored by their responses.

…and that’s what it’s all about for me now. Helping others realize their potential, while I continue to realize my own by doing those things that used to scare me.

Check out Life of Dad and all the wonderful things they do on their site. It is a daily stop for me on my internet rounds.


One thought on “Being A Guest Reiterates My Path

  1. Stephen. Thank you so much for writing this piece, and for sharing your time with Art and me on The Life of Dad After Show. Truth be told, what you wrote above comes as an absolute surprise to me. If you were nervous, that fact was completely lost on the recording. You were one of our greatest guests, and I appreciate how you challenged us at the end. Gee, in hindsight, that was a big “growth opportunity” as well.

    Hey, bro…We’re ALL in the same boat here. All unassuming and humble superstars in our own right…No? sometimes the pain and struggles of life [the external things] eclipse our inner light.

    Shine on, brotha. We look forward to staying in touch with you and rocking with you.


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