You All Rock

Blog readers follow a blog for a number of reasons.

They like the content, as it is covers a topic important to the reader and/or they like the variety of content the writer produces.

Readers may like to learn something from the content as well, adding something much more lasting than just searching for entertainment.

Or, maybe they just like the writer and have some sort of connection. Maybe they just think the blogger is cute. You know, like a guy with a bald head and blue eyes? Who WOULDN’T want to read that guy’s blog?

All of these are legitimate reasons to follow a blog and why I follow a large number of blogs myself. Yep, there may be one or two I follow because the writer is lovely and I’m not above admitting that fact.

However, as I continue to play around with the content I want to have in this space I’ve created in the virtual world, I’m reminded of something very important to me. That is, to inspire other people and to be an ear to those who are feeling down.

Lately, for a multitude of reasons, there have been many readers of the blog and who follow the Facebook page who have expressed feelings of loneliness, stress or sadness. I’ve attempted to reach out to each with a friendly comment and I hope my daily posts on Facebook bring a smile to each of your faces and helps brighten your day.

But, I want to hear from all of you more too. One of the reasons I created the blog and Facebook page and, of course, my Twitter page as well—if you aren’t following, you should do so now—is because I love the conversations. I want to be that ear for you when you’re down and I want to share in your successes as well.

If you see a news story or a motivational picture you think would be something our community would appreciate it, share it with me. Send me private messages when you need that ear. Have a question you want me to post anonymously to the community to gather advice from a number of people? Send it to me. Have an idea of something you’d like to have me write about? Share it with me.

The key word there is “community.”

I don’t want to be the only one talking here. I want to build our community…and with those of you who are already onboard, we are off to a great start. There are so many wonderful and amazingly talented people in our midst and I want to share your stories as well.

I know I’ve said this a lot, but I appreciate all of you who take the time to read my posts. As I share myself with you, I hope you will all do the same and we can build an empire that will rule the world.

Oh, wait, that’s not very nice.

How about a community of awesome people who share love, respect and happiness with each other?

That sounds better, right?


2 thoughts on “You All Rock

  1. This was a really nice post to read and I can identify with quite a few of the things that you’ve mentioned. I’ve only been blogging for three months, but have already been really struck by the warmth and solidarity that so many bloggers demonstrate. I didn’t initially realize how good it would be to be part of such a community.

  2. Hey there, Stephen. Your blog is an excellent community, and it really speaks to me on many levels. Art and I look forward to hosting you on The Life of Dad After Show. I hope you’ll read the blog post [linked below]. I share many of the same aspects of YOUR story (dadhood, divorce, depression, children with Autism, and the ability to write about it all). As I have found on your site, I hope you’ll find some level of “community” in ours as well.

    Together, we can build that excellent human “empire” that truly lives up to its greatest potential. 8)

    I know we can do this, together.

    “The Infinite Power of the Dad-Blogger” by Ryan E. Hamilton

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