I’ve Been Bad

Hi, everyone!

So, I come to you with a confession tonight.

I’ve been bad. I’ve been very bad.

I haven’t written a blog post in over two weeks now.

While at work today, I thought this through and was all prepared to write this post stating how I was re-adjusting to the working world…but it really seemed like a cop-out.

Yes, there have been new things to adjust to, but I’ve had the time to write.

I’ve had what I believe to be some great ideas for blog posts, I wrote them down when the spark came to me…and then never followed through.

I thought of reminding readers I do not have a set schedule for blog posts to appear online, but that came off as if I was giving myself an excuse for my laziness.

So, I felt the need to purge myself of my guilt tonight and admit this failure to you tonight.

I’ve been bad. I’ve been really bad.

I’ve neglected this space and I’ve neglected my readers.

…and it will not happen again.


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