YOU Help Focus This Blog

Recently, on the FB page for this blog, I started doing something new to me. Nightly, I began posting a picture with an inspirational quote/picture and I call it “Tonight’s Meditation.” While I will freely admit the concept of posting an inspirational picture or quote is not even remotely a unique idea, I have found a few things interesting since beginning to do so.

The “Tonight’s Meditation” pictures are liked and shared quite a lot and I find this to be wonderful. The first night I posted one of these, I actually did it for myself to tell those followers of the page what I was meditating on that evening. Now, it seems to be uplifting to a lot of you and I just love that fact.

When I began this blog, I really didn’t have a planned direction with it. It was going to be where I put my thoughts, no matter how random they may be. To a certain degree, that is exactly what has happened, but now those random thoughts come together into somewhat of a “self-improvement” or “inspire through example” category. The natural progression has been interesting to me, as I hope it has to all of you as well.

I certainly don’t claim to live the most exciting or courageous life, but would I do claim to be is someone who wants to make an impact on the world. I want my time on Earth to be spent inspiring others to achieve whatever they dream to achieve as I do the same in my own life. Maybe by writing about both my own failures and successes they can be the right inspiration to the right person at the right time…and maybe that person’s idea is what changes the world for the better.

Pretty deep, huh?

Or, maybe it’s just a bunch of hooey.

Who knows? None of us do now. Sure, I know what I want this space to become now, as well as the FB page, but it can only work if you find it to be inspirational as a whole. I can feel the focus coming into its own naturally and I have all of you to thank for that.

I’m glad to find that, for the time being, you all are quite enjoying the “Tonight’s Meditation” pictures and I will continue to post those for you, as we all continue on our journey of life.

I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll take this quick moment to say it again…

Thank you all for being here. Thank you all for your early support of the blog and of me personally. I appreciate all of you.

Your support inspires me and I only hope I can eventually return the favor.


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