Why I Enjoy Tyrone Wells

A handful of years ago, on an evening of playing around on Youtube, I stumbled across a musician whom I immediately was intrigued by his music. The artist was a guy I’d never heard of before, but the first few songs I heard were great and I immediately sought out more.

His name is Tyrone Wells.

As I continued to dig into his catalog of music, each song was a pleasure to listen to and I became a fan very quickly. Fortunately for me, shortly after my personal discovery of Tyrone’s music, I checked out his website and was pleased to see he would be in Minneapolis soon.

I went to that first show and that sealed the deal. Tyrone Wells is an artist who I will gladly follow and support on his musical journey for the rest of my life. If you have followed me on Facebook and/or Twitter for any substantial amount of time, you have certainly seen posts laying out my excitement over Tyrone’s stops in Minneapolis. He puts on a great live show and I strongly suggest you take the time to check him out the next time he comes to your town.

So, the question quickly becomes why does his music strike such a chord with me and, therefore, why would I recommend him so strongly to you?

Outside of the simplistic reaction that each song of his is catchy and is pleasant to the ear, there are a few reasons.

My musical tastes definitely side with singer/songwriters. I enjoy acoustic guitars and those artists who can make beautiful music with only that guitar and their voice. To me, the artists who can do this successfully are the ones when their voice is just as much a part of the music, rather than someone singing on top of the music.

Tyrone Wells does this.

I also want/need music in my life that is uplifting, music that makes you feel like you can shoot for the stars in your life. Sometimes when I’m down, music is what can cut through the depression and help pull my mind back to where it needs to be.

Tyrone Wells does this.

Yet, I also need music in my life that shows life isn’t always puppy dogs and ice cream. We may not have the job we wanted, live where we wanted to live, have the relationship we wanted to have or even be the person we wanted to be. However, through all the mess of life, there can always be a glimmer of hope.

Tyrone Wells does this.

In live shows, I want an artist who actually sounds as they do on their albums, someone who is a performer. I want surprises in the live show, doing songs you wouldn’t expect to hear. I want artists without ego, who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Tyrone Wells does this.

I like music that is just fun, music you don’t mind getting stuck in your head because it uplifts your spirit. It just makes you smile and feel good.

Tyrone Wells does this.

Finally, I want to follow and support artists who have their hearts and minds in the right place. Maybe when I falter in that department myself, their music will bring me back to having the right perspective on life.

Tyrone Wells does this.

Of course, I have only highlighted a few reasons why I enjoy Tyrone Wells’ music. If you haven’t heard of him before now, please go check him out.

I tell you what…the first karaoke bar I find which has Tyrone Wells’ catalog gets my business for life.

What musicians/bands are your favorites? Let’s hear ‘em below in the comments!


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