Here We Go Again

A brief, but important post today.

Here we go again…or, to be completely correct, here I go again.

For years, I have wanted to quit smoking. It’s a disgusting habit and we all know what it does to your body. I have had quit attempt after quit attempt end abruptly each time, no matter how long I had gone without indulging my biggest vice.

I’ve always hated this part about myself because of the hypocrisy I live when smoking since it’s the whole, “Do as I say, not as I do” thing with my kids. This has been my constant biggest flaw as a parent and I’ve known it forever, but at times, I felt powerless to overcome this demon.

So, tomorrow is the first day of my newest attempt. I want to quit. I need to quit. Thankfully, this time I have a bit of extra help.

For those of you who do not live in Minnesota, a new tax increase on cigarettes begins Monday. There have been many who have constantly complained about this fact, but I, on the other hand, am acknowledging the moment as one to seize.

Quite simply, with the new tax, I just can’t afford to smoke anymore. I’m not sad about that fact either. It’s time to kick this habit in the butt. (Yeah, ok, I suppose the pun was intended there.)

Therefore, thank you, Minnesota lawmakers. I thank you for upping the taxes on cigarettes, as it’s now forcing my hand. More importantly, my children thank you because you are helping them to have their Daddy around for a lot longer than if this tax didn’t come into our lives.

What about you, my wonderful readers? Are you attempting to quit smoking or another vice? Have you already kicked the habit and, if so, how did you do it? How did you keep your sanity?


19 thoughts on “Here We Go Again

  1. I have quit a couple of times in the past but always started up again. This time, like one previous attempt, I am utilizing the help of Bupropion. Prescribed as an aid to quitting without all the mental angst. It’s been only 12 days on the medication and only 2 smoke free but no fits of anger or pacing the floor. I am quitting for health reasons but I agree the tax increase is an added incentive. You might want to try some medication to avoid losing you mind. Good luck.

  2. I have been smoking about 2-3 cigarettes a day but only a few people know about my tiny nicotine “habit”. I have one smoke left and some nicotine gum so I want to quit tomorrow. I am going on vacation Wednesday and I figure I can break the habit with cooler temps, and relaxation will help, right?
    Good luck to all of us.

  3. When I quit–about 20 yrs. ago–I substituted chewing tobacco (in pouches) for cigarettes. Of course, that can be addicting, too, but I never enjoyed them enough for that to happen. But they gave me my nicotine fix while I got over smoking.

  4. You CAN do it !!!!!!
    Check out my FB page called “butt out and quit smoking” if you like 🙂
    I used the patch and Nicorette as well as prayer (Im not a religious person) and the prayer ( I believe) helped so much. I have quit and tried quitting before without prayer and this time around with prayer quitting was a lot easier and felt completely different

  5. You will do this! I smoked from 13 years old to 21. Been withouth them now for 17 years. My strategy was to count the hours I went without a cigarette. In my head it seemed like a lot more for me to lose 33 hours without rather than a day and a half. It also encouraged me to make it to that next hour mark rather than trying to make it another whole 24 hours. Keep yourself busy. You WILL do this!

  6. Good luck, Steven! I had smoked for many years, but I quit the LAST time they raised cig taxes in MN (2005). It made me so angry that Pawlenty said he wasn’t going to raise taxes but then put “user fees” on many things, including cigs. I had tried before, but that was somehow the last straw for me. If I can do it, anyone can! It’s also one of those things where every effort is worthwhile. Every cigarette you don’t smoke has positive effects. Keep going. You’ll get there!

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