Despicable Me 2: The Kid’s Reviews

Last night, I was able to take Ethan and Alex, along with my niece Emma to an advanced screening of Despicable Me 2, thanks to my friends over at Toys In the Dryer. The movie opens on July 3 and, judging by my own experience last night, along with the kids, it is definitely worth going to see.

Here’s a quick synopsis…

Reformed super villain Gru (Steve Carell), the girls and the unpredictably yellow hilarious minions are back with a new adventure in this sequel to Despicable Me.

This time, the Anti-Villain League consults Gru for help when they find themselves dealing with new super criminal Eduardo (Benjamin Bratt). In order to stop him, Gru teams up with Lucy (Kristin Wiig), a secret agent and his new love interest.

We were able to see the flick in 3D, so we put on our glasses, grabbed our candy and popcorn and sat back and had a wonderful time. As the movie was ending, I thought it would be much more entertaining to have the children tell readers what they thought of the movie, rather than me, as they are the target audience.

Putting the kids on the spot since they didn’t know I was going to ask for their review, they did their best to review the film and the experience for you.

Did you like Despicable Me 2?

“I liked it. It was funny,” said ten-year old Emma.

“Yeah, I liked it. I liked the part when two minions were chasing a car and one of them was flying. That was funny,” said nine-year old Ethan.

“I liked it because it was funny. At the beginning of the movie, one of the minions put fruit on their head when they were trying to make jelly and they started dancing around,” said eight-year old Alex.

Was it fun to see it in 3D? What was your favorite part of that experience?

“One of the minions put fruit on his head and started dancing around,” said Emma.

“You get to have cool 3D glasses that look like sunglasses and I was trying to touch stuff. It looked good in 3D. The minions looked good,” said Ethan.

“It was right in front of our face! It popped out at us!” said Alex.

Would you tell your friends to go see it?

“Yes!” said Emma, emphatically.

“It’s a funny movie, it starts July 3 and they should go see it,” said Ethan.

“I would tell my friends to see it. It’s awesome and funny,” said Alex.

Did you learn anything from Despicable Me 2?

“Don’t be evil,” said Emma.

“I learned what “despicable” means because I asked my Daddy,” said Ethan.

“Be nice,” said Alex.

When the hard-hitting questioning completed, Ethan felt compelled to add this to his review.

“There should be ten of them, so they can have a bunch of Despicable Me’s.”
Well, there you have it, creators of Despicable Me 2. Kids love it and they hope for many more. This was a funny film and, as an adult, I can also add my delight in the experience as well. Simply, it was a great family evening for all and I hope you will all go see it when it comes out on July 3rd.


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