The Universe Gives What We Need

Last Friday was my birthday and I was feeling pretty down. Plans were broken, Minnesota was rocked with severe thunderstorms and, other than dinner with my family, I did absolutely nothing. On top of my sadness due to all of those things, I was also facing a weekend without my kids.

For those who don’t know, the kids’ Mother and I split custody, so, of course, every other weekend I am without them. For as long as it’s been now—nearly six years—I still can’t shake the sadness that comes over me going that long without those two sets of beautiful eyes who want nothing more than to spend good, fun quality time with their Dad.

Certainly, that doesn’t mean I spend all of those weekends without the kids sitting around, sulking. I get my rest. I find time to spend with friends when that opportunity comes up. I knock out some big, important battles on my video game. However, the whole time, I just miss my babies.

After making it through an uneventful weekend doing my best to stay out of the storms, I wake up to a pleasant surprise Monday morning. I have been named one of the “Top 50 Dad Blogs” by voiceBoks. Recognition is always nice, although any listings like this out there are always subjective.

What I’m finding out very quickly in my blogging life is there are a ton of great Dad blogs out there and I’m honored to be included in this list, although a part of me doesn’t feel as if it is deserved. After all, some of the blogs on this list—and many that didn’t make it—have been sharing their stories for years, have a bigger readership and I read many of them, marveling at their writing.

Being in the top 50 is a nice ego boost and here is my one and only plug, as I’m not going to beg for votes daily. Feel free to vote for my blog here. Just click the thumbs up next to my picture. I would appreciate your support and thank you.

After running Ethan to an appointment this afternoon, I returned home to an email from my friends over at Toys In The Dryer. I won tickets to an advanced screening of Despicable Me 2 on Thursday night! After immediately sending my info to them in order to get the tickets in time for the showing, I exchanged messages with Angie (the kids’ Mom) to arrange shifting our schedule. The kids were to be with her Thursday night, but she was more than willing to work out a different schedule for the week, so I thank her for that as well.

My niece Emma will be going with us, as I won four tickets. It is always nice to have something to look forward to, especially when it is with my kids and any of my nieces.

In addition to all of this that added up to a lovely day, I’m looking forward to my “birthday party” being rescheduled to Wednesday night. There is a group of us who meet to sing some karaoke and we were going to do so on my birthday, but the weather didn’t cooperate. For those who follow the blog or know me personally, I look forward to these nights quite a lot and I’m thankful my friends rescheduled the event and I can’t wait.

All of these positive things got me thinking today. How could everything change so quickly? I mean, just three days ago I was feeling alone and didn’t feel as if I had much to look forward to, at least in the immediate future…and then all of this happens.

Call it karma. Call it God. Call it whatever you want, but I truly believe the universe gives us what we need. It may not always give us what we want, but the universe helps to teach us what is truly important by giving us only what we need to survive.

This may mean a few lonely, dark evenings, as storms whip around outside, but, in the end, positive things will happen if you just hang on a little bit longer.


6 thoughts on “The Universe Gives What We Need

  1. I think this is true, and yes call it whatever what you want but sometimes the right thing just happens at the right time, whether you think it is right at the time or not it sure does seem that “someone” out there knows what they are doing!

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