Play in the Rain

This morning was a morning like many of you have on a regular basis. I looked out the window to see a sunless, gloomy day outside and I immediately thought to myself, “Great, just great.”

Those of us in Minnesota are STARVING for the sun. After a long winter, this “spring” with very few appearances from the shiny ball of heat in the sky makes many irritable or depressed. It’s been a rough go lately and we are just waiting to get outside regularly.

So, my day started with negative thoughts, followed by the fact I was going to have to take Ethan to his appointment this morning in the pouring rain…during rush hour traffic. Did I mention I’d have to drag Alex along for all of this as well? Sigh.

There are better ways to start the day and, admittedly, better mindsets as well…but, man, do these gloomy, gross days make it difficult to stay positive or what?

After driving through the annoying traffic and downpour of rain, getting wet as we ran from the parked car to the office, all three of us were slightly off to start the day. Ethan was successfully dropped off at his two hour appointment, meaning Alex and I would have to venture out into the weather not one, not two, but three more times (once to go home, once to go back to pick Ethan up and that trip home as well.)

We’ll skip through all of that, as it’s full of a lot of mumbling under my breath, trying not to throw a four-letter word out there around my babies.

We’re home, Ethan’s appointment was a success and now we’re trying to decide which board game to play since it’s not looking like we’re getting outside anytime soon.

Then, it hits me. Why not go play in the rain? It’s the perfect opportunity. My two beautiful kids are here, I’m here, it’s raining and we’re already wet from the morning’s trip, so why not?

I mention this brilliant idea to the kids and, of course, they love the idea since it involves getting dirty. They immediately make their way outside, running around in the downpour and laughing those laughs that are permanently in my brain as my two favorite sounds ever.

I, on the other hand, stay inside to change into grubby clothes and to grab the camera. Although I’m hustling to get out there in the obvious fun with my kiddos, I wasn’t quite fast enough. As I stepped outside, the rain began to slow down to just spitting. By this time, the kids were already drenched, finding great pleasure by sitting in huge puddles of water.

1371055382I had missed out in the fun myself, seemingly, but went over to snap some pictures of the kids. After putting the camera back in a safe-from-water setting, I made my way back over, thinking, “The rain may be gone, but the puddles aren’t.”

So, I ran. I ran straight through the biggest puddle, incredibly close to tripping halfway through and, again, I heard those two laughs that I just can’t live without. The kids followed my lead, we ran, we jumped, we splashed…and we had an amazing, forever-remembered time.

Although I’m not sure, as I can’t think of any moment when it could have occurred when out in the rain with the kids, I have really hurt my neck. My evening has been spent alternating ice and heat since I can barely turn my head.

Even if this injury happened during that time, this is pain I would gladly feel again. Look at the smiles on those faces in the pictures…it was worth it.

I find this post to be somewhat of a follow-up to my last one about singing karaoke. Don’t hesitate when you see something fun, something that could become a wonderful memory. Make the best of a rainy, gloomy day. The weather outside doesn’t determine if the day is going to be a good one or not…you and your outlook are in charge.


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