Tim Allen: The Loss of a Friend

Throughout my time covering both the NBA and WNBA, the aspect that meant the most to me was the community out there of fans of the Timberwolves and Lynx. Without question, this community was essentially led by Tim Allen and I am deeply saddened to hear the recent news.

I’m not going to pretend that Tim and I were the best of friends. We weren’t, but I do consider him a friend. We broke bread together on a handful of occasions and shared a few drinks, most of the time at Hubert’s after a game when a group of people would gather. Of course, we tweeted back and forth on a number of basketball related topics countless times, debating an aspect of the teams we both love, many times landing on opposite sides of an argument…but always respecting the opinion and viewpoints of the other.

In fact, on Monday Tim showed both his humor, as well as his concern for others in our tweets to each other as the USA Men’s Basketball game tipped off. He was concerned about me and the headaches I have had recently in my newest attempt to quit smoking. I wasn’t feeling well at all and he brought a smile to my face on Monday afternoon, as he had done on countless occasions before.

After my decision to move my own life in a different direction, Tim reached out to me privately to ask if I was truly done with covering the Timberwolves and Lynx. He said he understood my family draw and stresses of my own life which led to the decision and we made plans to meet up soon—again, over a drink—to discuss a number of things.

There are countless people I met along my journey in the NBA and WNBA life, but as I moved away, there were a few who stood out whom I knew I wanted to continue—and grow—friendships with going forward. Tim Allen was on the top of that list. We exchanged phone numbers in an attempt, at least on my end, to connect outside of Facebook or Twitter more and, of course, it is with great sadness that I’m not going to have that opportunity.

As someone who also suffers from depression and anxiety issues, I choose today not to allow Tim Allen’s life be forgotten. For years, I have been ashamed of my own demons, but that is no longer the case. I now stand strongly in my conviction that Tim’s absence will be a constant reminder to do all I can with the audience I have to help others in need.

I didn’t know you as well as I wanted, Tim, but you will be missed. You were a hell of a guy, one who didn’t know how greatly you impacted people’s lives with your own life, your coverage of the team you love and the humor you provided in the dark days of others. A silly tweet at the perfect time can bring about a laugh and a smile to someone who desperately needed one at that exact time.

You provided exactly that for me on countless times, Tim, and I cannot thank you enough. You were and are loved…and you will be missed.


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