Another Big Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow will mark three weeks since I made my announcement and began this blog. Obviously, I plan to post more than one post per week usually, but as I began this transition in my life, I really needed time to process my next steps.


The adjustment begins

It has been a very surprising and humbling few days. After my announcement earlier this week of my “retirement” from the sports writing world, I was bombarded with words of surprise, sadness and well-wishes for my future from friends and fans on both Facebook and Twitter. Each and every one of the messages I received…


A beginning and an end.

For roughly the last year, there has been something stirring in me. Call it an early start to a midlife crisis, call it insanity or call it someone looking for a  higher meaning to their life, but whatever it is, it is the truth. As the weeks and months have passed since this began, the…